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Name: Nick Adams.

Backstory: NYC-based Adams is a classically trained singer, dancer and actor known primarily for his theater work on Broadway.

Where You Have Seen Him: Originating the starring role of Adam/Felicia on Broadway in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; as Fiyero in the National touring production of Wicked; as Jimmy Fowlie’s love interest in the LGBT-themed comedy web series Go-Go Boy Interrupted (which recently won Queerty’s “Best Web Series” Award).

His Big Break: Back in 2008, he co-starred with Mario Lopez as Larry in the Broadway revival of A Chorus LineWhen Lopez joined the cast, he was reportedly so intimidated by the younger, more muscular Adams’ physique that he requested Adams’ costume be changed to a bulky sweater. New York tabloids loved the alleged “feud” between the two hunks. “Although I wasn’t a principle in that show, it made the theater community take note like, ‘Who is this guy?’”, he says.

But Don’t Get Carried Away: Adams insists the rift between him and Lopez was all hype. “They made it seem like we were at each other’s throats backstage” he laughs. “I was hanging out with him after the show. We had a friendship develop” he insists. Adams actually introduced his good friend Courtney Mazza to Lopez and the two would eventually go on to become husband and wife. Lopez and Adams remain friends to this day.

Sure, he makes it look easy…BUT: “I’ve been really fortunate. I don’t take that for granted. I started out really focused on a dance career and I had to really fight to make the transition from ensemble work to playing roles” he says thoughtfully. “It’s a tough business, there’s not a day where you don’t have to hustle and it doesn’t ever really get easier. But what I get out of it completely justifies the means.”

On Originating A Starring Role On Broadway In Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: “That’s the dream… I think that’s the ideal for any actor. You don’t have to fill anybody else’s shoes, you create it from the ground up. That show was so over the top and ridiculous….the things I got to do…. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top that,” he says.

Hands Off: Sorry guys, he’s taken. Adams has been in a relationship for several years with fellow actor Kyle Brown.

Why We Love Him: In addition to his talent, Adams has tirelessly given his time to several LGBT and AIDS related charities, hosting NYC’s AIDS Walk kickoff, singing with the NYC and Boston Gay Men’s Chorus, and performing in the annual fundraisers Broadway Bares and Broadway Backwards.

You can follow Adams on his Twitter @TheNickAdams or Instagram @thenickadams

ONES TO WATCH – Jimmy Fowlie

WHERE YOU’VE SEEN HIM: As an alum of The Groundlings Sunday Company and recent cast member of the CBS Diversity Showcase. On his comedy web-series “Go-Go Boy Interrupted” starring as Danny, a go-go boy in Los Angeles who finds himself phased out of his profession when he turns 30 years old. The first season proved such a hit, it lead to a successful Kickstarter campaign that funded the second season and attracted a cast of notables such as Brittany Morris from tv’s “Glee” and RuPaul’s Drag Race star William Belli.

WHERE YOU NEED TO WATCH HIM NOW: Starring in his one-man show “So Long, Boulder City” at the Celebration Theater in Hollywood. We know you’ve all seen the Oscar-winning hit film “La La Land”. Fowlie’s show spoofs the one-woman show of the same name that Emma Stone’s character ‘Mia’ wanted to put on (but which nobody came to). Fowlie gives the audience some hilarious back-story about Mia’s rather privileged life growing up, as well as what might have been in her show. In one particularly hilarious segment, Mia describes the humiliation of being passed over for the college musical (“I wasn’t even in the ensemble, which is the place they put the untalented people with good bodies”). “The show is beyond stupid,” Fowlie says with a laugh. “It’s really silly and fun and I get to scare people with my comedy.”

WHY YOU NEED TO CATCH HIM: Fowlie’s show has proved such a hit with critics and fans alike that the show’s run has been extended TWICE and is selling out fast. “The intention was to do it once as a joke with friends, cause I didnt’ think anyone would care,” says Fowlie. The show got such amazing buzz that Variety, People, Extra, Huffington Post and more all ran stories on it.

EMMA STONE’S MOM GIVES HER THUMBS UP: Emma Stone’s MOM even showed up for a performance! “Emma’s managers reached out to me and said her mother wanted to come,” he says, clearly delighted. “I was weirded out cause my own parents don’t even like my comedy, it upsets them”, he says deadpan. “Here I am playing this woman, and it’s her daughter and its so wacky and so beyond anything my parents would want to see. But she was the coolest.”

EVEN JIMMY IS SURPRISED BY ALL THE LOVE: “When I’m playing the character Mia, she’s this kinda desperate actress and she’s so delusional,” Fowlie says with a laugh. “People (in the audience) are so grossed out by me. I say these annoying things and sometimes people are groaning at me because I’m obnoxious.”

“Even though my show is kinda like poking fun at the movie and poking fun at the character….the dirty little secret is I LOVED La La Land”

TAKE IT EASY LA LA LAND FANS: Though Fowlie’s performance pokes fun at “La La Land” and it’s rather large plot holes, it’s all done with love. “Even though my show is kinda like poking fun at the movie and poking fun at the character….the dirty little secret is I LOVED La La Land” Die-hard fans of the flick will be glad to know that Emma Stone walks away without a scratch as well. “I’m not doing an Emma Stone impression,” Fowlie insists. “ It’s more my take on the character. And also I didn’t want to shave my chest hair. It was an artistic decision.”

MOVING ON UP: In a turn of events that would make Mia jump for joy, “So Long, Boulder City” is moving to New York City! “It’s so funny because, I want to say this show to NYC is a ‘dream come true’ but in all seriousness that was SO far away from a reality for me,” says a genuinely humbled Fowlie. “This whole experience has been incredible and I am in shock.” New Yorkers will be able to see the show starting December 7 at SubCulture (45 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10012). Tickets can be purchased using this link.

You can follow Fowlie on his YouTube Channel, or on Twitter and Instagram @JimmyFowlie