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Male Menopause and the Circle of Life

I’ve been going through a mid-life crisis for roughly….oh I’d say 8 years now. It started when I got laid off from my dream job at Paramount during the recession at the end of 2008. Well, I thought it was my dream job, but it probably wasn’t the best fit for me actually. Funny how the things you think will make you happy/complete don’t necessarily do so. Anyways, I was lucky to get a job at Sony in 2009 and have been working for a great boss ever since. It’s been a stable place to be during the crazy years of the recession and my boss is totally supportive of me. I originally moved to LA in order to write for tv and film. I never followed through completely with that for a myriad of reasons (lack of focus, trying to earn a living here, easily distracted, etc.). I’ve started a dozen screenplays but finished none. This lead me to believe that screenwriting probably was not the type of writing I should be doing. I’ve been trying to get back into writing over the last year and regain my focus and true purpose. So I’ve been writing for some blogs, started this blog of my own, started working on some short stories and taken some writing classes. Like most people who have lived for quite a while in LA, a city which I both love and detest, I’ve been thinking of relocating. Again, there’s a myriad of reasons for that (cost of living, huge size, difficulty in having relationships/dating, just seeking change, etc.) I keep struggling with the idea of going back for an MFA in Creative Writing. Not that i need an MFA in order to be a writer per se. There’s even lots of debate as to whether they are any good at all. Unless you want to teach at the university level, in which case an MFA degree is basically a pre-requisite. Having a Masters is always something I said I’d obtain, so I feel I should pursue that goal once again. Also, like any graduate program, it gets you into a network of peers and also (in this case) could possibly lead to a publishing deal and/or teaching opportunity. Perhaps it’s just my restless nature that seeks change every few years. I was hoping I’d have outgrown that by now. Perhaps it will forever be part of my personality. I do feel the pull South, as it is a part of the country I have visited and truly like the people that inhabit it. Also, I have family in the South (Savannah and Charleston, y’all!) and will likely have more siblings retiring there and feel the need to be closer to them all. Funny how I was once so eager to separate myself from my family to form my own identity and now, with age, feel the pull towards them once again. Maybe I am coming full circle in many ways.